The Deceptions of Affordable Health Care

Whether you live in LaLa land and assume you will never need health care, or live in fear that the person you just bumped on the street exposed you to some virus or bacteria. Without affordable health insurance, you will be shit out of luck IF anything happens to hurt you. Each […]

Ditch the Disinformation – The Supreme Court Will Decide Law

Most Americans have no clue what the Health Care Reform Act is really all about. Republican Politicians have labeled this Act “ObamaCare” to make it easier for them to criticize anything OBAMA does. […]

Sarah Palin’s Questionable Education

Thanks to Sarah Palin, I now have whiplash from shaking my head in amazement at this candidate, who could be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Sarah Palin is the definition of dumbing down America. Katie Couric’s interviews with Palin should be a real eye opener to anyone sitting on the fence.