Get to Know the RightWing Nutjobs the GOP Prez Contenders are courting

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

With the election of 2012 now less than 18 months away, the American right wing, heartily represented by the corporate-groomed Republican party, is making sure to tap all the right wing crazies they can mobilize into the voting booth. As its about to be 18 […]

The Constitutional Ignorance of the Tea Party

As we have all come to learn, the Tea Party, both candidates and their supporters, are extremely ignorant of the document they want to restore, the U.S. Constitution. Let’s not fool ourselves and think that the Tea Party and the wing nuts just stumbled upon their ignorance, its been in full bloom since […]

From God’s Lips to Republican Ears

Every time I hear a Republican or splinter cell Republican Tea Bagger speak, I am quite impressed with their inside track to the lips of God. I am amazed that throughout history, every time a new movement to control the masses begins, it always starts with someone’s exclusive ability to speak with GOD […]

Racism, Hate and The Tea Party

It’s not because I am a democrat or hold progressive views, that I believe the Tea Party is racist, hateful or hints at fascism or even Nazism. The fact is, the Tea Party, on it’s own, has exhibited these traits at events, rallies, protest and speeches. The sad and scary thing is, the […]