GOP STILL Plans to Steal Your Social Security

GUEST POST: by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The ascension (apotheosis?) of every GOP ‘President’ is inevitably accompanied by much GOP salivating over the prospects of getting their greedy, crooked mitts on your Social Security. Thus it was just over eight years ago when George W. Bush assumed (and I do mean ‘assumed’) […]

Oh, The Stress of It All – Op Ed

Hurry up get this election over with – we’ve got unfinished business facing us. […]

Market Driven Economy Hits Tree – UPDATE

OK, there are lessons in history, has anyone bothered to notice that Americans have played this scene before?. ..

List of stock market crashes

WaMu Is Seized, Sold Off to J.P. Morgan, In Largest Failure in U.S. Banking History

Welcome to chaos: Arab nations hit hard as world markets crash


Feds Close Washington Mutual

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington Mutual Inc was closed by the U.S. government in by far the largest failure of a U.S. bank, and its banking assets were sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co for $1.9 billion.

Thursday’s seizure and sale is the latest historic step in U.S. government attempts to clean up […]

PUMA, Was It Ever About Hillary Clinton

As I surf the web, I am stunned at the amount of support John McCain is getting for picking Sarah Palin. I’m not surprised by Alaskans, Republicans, or even people on the fence, who support this move. I am truly stunned at the treachery of PUMA support.

As I read some of the […]

Exxon John McCain And Big Oil Money

H/T ProgrresiveAccountability.Org FACT CHECK: McCain Tries To Downplay His Connection To ExxonMobil

CLAIM: McCain’s Adviser Said McCain Took Fewer Donations From ExxonMobil Than His Opponent. Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” top McCain aide Nicole Wallace said, “Turns out Barack Obama has received more money from ExxonMobil and from oil than John […]

Pat Buchanan; McCain Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi

This new video by Aaron Hodgins Davis, Republicans and Military Men on John McCain, details GOP and military personnel who oppose the Iraq war and the possibility of war in Iran. They are speaking out against McCain for following in Bush’s hawkish footsteps. Pat Buchanan has said “McCain Will Make Cheney Look Like […]

Obama Answers Union Questions But McCain Declines

As the media continues to focus on a Clinton convention upset and Paris Hilton’s slam on McCain, a large voting group have their issues ignored by the media; unions. Shocking, I know. Unions, yes that dirty corporate word. You know the evil unions, who have cast the spell over Wal-Mart employees and have […]

H.R.800 Wants You To Have Choices, McCain Doesn’t

The wording in H.R. 800 will determine if Congress can level the playing field and allow both sides a fair set of defined regulations. It should never be a choice of victims. It should be a choice for prosperity for all by making companies and workers a team with equitable rewards. […]

Obama-maniacs Accused Of The “S” Word, Cyber Attacks, etc.

Politics can be very nasty. Right and Left wing bloggers are doing everything they can to demonize the “other side”. Creating a spam shutdown, of a political blog, will always pount the accusing finger at their opponent. […]