Arizona Shooting, Political Discord and Americans Disrespect

American should be ashamed of what we have become, gun toting, hate mongering Neanderthals. This behavior didn’t start in the last election, this violent disrespect for each other started during the Clinton administration and has escalated. Yesterdays shooting in Arizona is the result of the divisive behavior, misguided political agendas […]

Racism, Hate and The Tea Party

It’s not because I am a democrat or hold progressive views, that I believe the Tea Party is racist, hateful or hints at fascism or even Nazism. The fact is, the Tea Party, on it’s own, has exhibited these traits at events, rallies, protest and speeches. The sad and scary thing is, the […]

Michele Bachmann, GOP Hatemonger Up For Re-Election

Michele M. Bachmann’s (R-MN) recent appearance on Hardball was not only unbelievable, but is reprehensible. Bachmann’s spouts continuous lies about Obama and Ayres relationship, anti American views, who is pro- American verses who isn’t. Bachmann is a shinning example of GOP lies, smears, scare tactics.

Bachmann stated that Americans are wild about this […]

McCain To Supporters: Obama Is A Decent Person

The hate, anger and lies that John McCain and Sarah Palin have spewed over the past few weeks are finally being corrected by McCain himself. The McCain campaign has charged up every single rally and town hall meeting to the point where the audience have called Obama a traitor, shouted treason and most […]