Congress Needs To Take AIG’s $85 Billion Back

In September when it was announced that AIG was in big trouble, Paulson set the wheels in motion for the $700 billion dollars bailout. AIG received an $85 billion commitment from the government and the taxpayer would pay for their screw up. Apparently the event was so stressful for AIG CEO’s, felt they […]

Bailout Wall Street, Locate Homeless Shelter and Keep Selling Weapons

Business as usual for US arms sales By Frida Berrigan

The chief executive officer of a weapons manufacturer has plenty of chances to rub elbows with deputy secretaries of defense, officials from Homeland Security, retired military personnel, and the best and brightest of the defense establishment almost any week of the year.


John McCain And House GOP Blow Up Bailout Agreement

John McCain’s rush to Washington to save our economy has only caused delay and damaged the bailout. A bailout agreement was on the table before McCain landed and when the maverick arrived on Capitol Hill he managed to slam dunk it into the trash. What a maverick.

As McCain traveled to Washington, he […]

Rep. Doggett: Vultures Coming Home to Roost

The Big Bush ‘Bail Out’ Blackmail

Guest post by Len Hart of The Existentialist Cowboy

It is called the ‘final stages of the coup’. I call it blackmail and extortion! A man already culpable for the crimes of high treason and mass murder now blackmails the congress and the people of the United States. The result is not just […]

Is This The New World Order Without Oversight – Who Is Paulson?

If you think about it, we could ever get a loan from any of these failed lenders and failed financial institutions, without signing over our children, pets and souls. These same arrogant lenders and financial gurus would charge fees, both declared and hidden. Our ability to pay, decided by a […]