Let Me Sell you A Lie – EPA Consequences of The REINS Act – H.R. 10

This is a follow up to my warning on the day it passed the US House of Representatives, “The REINS Act – H.R. 10 Threatens Checks and Balances”. Contact your Senator and insist that HR10 must not become a law that Undermines Crucial Safeguards for American Families! Corporations can sell lies about their […]

First-Ever Mercury Standards for Coal Plants

Guest post by Nicholas Scott

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first-ever national standards for mercury and other air pollutants this past Wednesday. The proposed standards are targeted specifically at coal fired power plants. It is believed that the new regulations would dramatically improve public health; they can prevent 17,000 premature deaths from […]

Rick Perry and Friends Welcome Toxic Burritos

If It’s Really Bad, Ship It to West Texas – The PCBs of the Hudson River Heading to Texas, Hudson’s Toxic Mud Stirs Town: NY Times May 31, 2009

EUNICE, N.M. — There are not many towns in America that would welcome the 2.5 million cubic yards of toxic sludge being […]