Corporate Religion, Corporate Education and the Mental Devolution of America

Once a group of people decide to place their entire faith and trust in words from corporate sponsors, spoken by their religious leaders, devolution has begun. […]

CUNY Students and Faculty Resist New Round of Tuition Hikes, Budget Cuts

by Reverend Manny and The Twilight Empire

On Monday, November 22, 2010, dozens of students and faculty from around CUNY gathered to protest the looming tuition hike. Counting employees and students together, the CUNY system deals with over a half-million New Yorkers. CUNY however is controlled by a variety of state and local […]

Who sold the Academy to Burger King? The Gainful Employment Rule vs. Tax-Dependent Education Profiteers

By Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

One of the truly stupid trends in recent American history is the privatization of the commons.

It can be a subtle thing, with companies scouring the innards of our planet for ores, oils and gems. It can be their privatization of megahertz frequencies, such as the […]

Sarah Palin’s Questionable Education

Thanks to Sarah Palin, I now have whiplash from shaking my head in amazement at this candidate, who could be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Sarah Palin is the definition of dumbing down America. Katie Couric’s interviews with Palin should be a real eye opener to anyone sitting on the fence.


Sarah Palin On The Issues

Now that we have gotten past who is Sarah Palin, let’s look at where Palin stands on the issues. I know it’s long but we have a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. Here’s what the national media has told us so far. Palin is conservative, Evangelical Christian (not […]

Appeasement: Definitions, Applications and Dangers Unabridged (v 1.1) – Cite This Source – Share This



Pronunciation[uh–peez] Pronunciation Key – IPA Pronunciation– verb (used with object), -peased, -peas·ing.

to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe: to appease an angry king. to satisfy, allay, or relieve; assuage: The […]