The Deceptions of Affordable Health Care

Whether you live in LaLa land and assume you will never need health care, or live in fear that the person you just bumped on the street exposed you to some virus or bacteria. Without affordable health insurance, you will be shit out of luck IF anything happens to hurt you. Each […]

The Transition Is More Than A Bedroom Tour

“Preemption, rather than reaction” summarizes the Bush doctrine which congealed in the wake of a conservative and national backlash against the weakening of the United State’s power and security in the world. […]

Results of Bush’s top secret orders

Presidential Candidates too close to inheriting the economic meltdown caused by deception and disinformation. […]

McCain Palin Dishonor Soldiers With FAKE Military Film

Disgusting! Disingenuous! And, this is only week one of the the McCain Plain “bullshit express.” As Sarah Palin continues to tell us about her son leaving for Iraq on 9/11, the RNC put up a fake video of a soldiers funeral at the convention. Palin, the McCain foot soldier of “Country First,” goes […]