CIA Spying On Blogs, YouTube and MySpace

It’s not surprising that the CIA is spying on blogs, YouTube and MySpace; after all we have been living in the Orwellian world of George Bush. I’ve cruised through YouTube and somewhere buried in all the political stuff, personal vblogs, old concert and movie clips; the CIA actually believes that they’re getting creditable […]

Fred Thompson Has YouTube Fans

Last Friday, I did a post Fred Thompson: The Clueless Candidate , in the comment section was a YouTube link for a campaign video for Thompson. I’m sure that the GOP and Thompson may be a little surprised at this production.


“Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,” Says General

The Onion:

Gen. McBrayer discusses how valuable homosexuals are, and why we must never put their lives at risk by allowing them in the military.


Election Videos Get Attention

Below are some campaign videos that have been getting a lot of attention. None of these videos are endorsed by any of the candidates, they are all independent productions. Enjoy.

Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl


Hot For Hillary


I Got A Crush On OBama


I put […]

Revolution In ASL (American Sign Language)

I found this appropriate for todays issues. Plus I’ve always liked this song.