Water Crisis And the 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ask your candidate about America’s water safety. Ask your candidate about the groundwater pollution caused by Fracking for oil and gas. […]

Tim Kleinschmidt Booed by Constituents on Area Aquifer

Tim Kleinschmidt booed by constituents as he avoids answering questions on how he’ll protect area aquifer (Smithville, TX) State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt, in his attempts to avoid answering questions at a recent town hall meeting in Smithville attended by hundreds of constituents, was booed by the audience as he tried to avoid […]

Water Challenged In Austin

Thank You, Austin American Statesman and Austin Central Appraisal District for bringing the top water offenders to our attention. To be

fair, there are other factors worth considering about this chart. Why didn’t the Statesman show a 3-4 months usage average, instead of one month? Why didn’t Statesman address the broken […]

American Climate Change Policy Still Sucks



Unravelling the sceptics


What do “climate sceptics” believe?


You might think that you know the answer, having heard, seen and read numerous counter-blasts aimed at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) over the course of […]