Clinton’s Health Care: Garnish Wages

It’s very disturbing to me, that someone living pay check to paycheck would have their check garnished in order to have health care insurance. Hillary Clinton has announced that her universal health care plan which is suppose to cover everyone, actually means you don’t have a choice because your pay check […]

Congress Gives Itself Another Pay Raise

I really think that employees in this country need to start a new trend for job performance and raises. Do a poor job, ignore your boss (us) and then give yourself a raise. Amazing our spines Congress can only seem to do two things well, go on vacation and give themselves another raise. […]

Minimum Wage Too Little Too Late

I think it’s great that the minimum wage is going up to $7.25, but so is gas.

For the Americans that work for minimum wage, the rate will have no effect. To make this pay rise effective, gas prices have to be lowered. Gas runs the economy therefore, everything will cost more. Minimum […]