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Why You Should Vote Republican

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Can Wounded Soldiers Vote? No, Maybe, Well OK

Veterans Administration Bars Voter Registration Drives for Wounded Soldiers

On April 25, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued Directive 2008-023, “Voting Assistance for VA Patients,” allowing voter registration drives in VA hospitals, only to reverse itself on May 5 with Directive 2008-025. Without registration drives, it appears that each veteran […]

Nancy Pelosi: Superdelegates Don’t Overrule The Voters

In a recent interview Nancy Pelosi gave a warning to the superdelegates “do not to override the voters’ wishes.” Apparently Pelosi is listening to the voters and is aware of the problems the superdelegates can cause. After all, we can equal the override of the superdelegates to Al Gore winning the popular vote […]

Washington DC Has 10,000 Mystery Voters

10,000 Special Ballots Being Counted – A Crush of Voters and Unanticipated Turnout Caused a Shortage of Paper

Poll workers, “scared” of technology, refused to make touch-screen machines available, Miller said. “Some of our workers don’t like the electronic machines,” she said. “Some of them tried to hide them. […]

Super Tuesday Voter Challenges

Stormy Super Tuesday

Never mind political storms coming out of Super Tuesday, real storms make a big impact today.

Dollar edges up as market eyes ‘Super Tuesday’, G7

If you’re not satisfied with the front-runners, though, it’s still important to participate.Hundreds of thousands of people have given their lives in the line […]

Republican Sen. McConnell Holds Economic Stimulus Hostage As Senate Brawls Over FISA

Reid Tries to Pressure G.O.P. for $159 Billion Stimulus Bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats tried to pressure Republicans on Monday to vote for a $159 billion economic stimulus plan, including $1 billion in additional subsidies for home energy, instead of a cheaper, more streamlined package approved by the House […]

The Never Ending Lies Of The Clintons’

h/t to Christopher at From the Left for exposing the continued hypocrisies of the Hill & Bill Circus

At the Myrtle Beach Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton bleated the following:

“I was fighting against [Republican] ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in […]

Enough Of The Power Hungry Clinton’s!!!

I have really had my fill of both Hillary and Bill Clinton a/k/a the Hill & Bill Show Circus, which is exactly what they have made this primary season. Both Bill and Hillary are the old guard of the same old politics as usual. This is blatantly obvious with the constant attacks, skirting […]

American Voters Are The Guilty Parties – OpEd

Inspector General Says IRS Wasted $3.5 Million

The Internal Revenue Service paid a contractor $188,000 to provide one person to do clerical work over 11 months.

The contract was one example of financial waste contained in a government report on the tax agency’s involvement in a program ordered by President Bush […]