GOP Candidates Really Do Hate Veterans

Does it really shock anyone that the GOP presidential candidates are cold hearted, live in a parallel universe and are hypocrites? The GOP labeled anyone opposing Bush’s war as unpatriotic and sent troops to their death or to be maimed and suffer PTSD. And, while the GOP continually shouts that they support the […]



YouTube Video Captures Moment Petraeus Concedes He Doesn’t Know if Iraq Plan Makes America Safer; Quotes Three Republican Senators has unveiled a new internet ad on YouTube, which captures the moment that General David Petraeus admits during an exchange with Senator John Warner, that he doesn’t know if the […]

Vote Vets Against Susan Collins

The GOP and the administration have spent years and lots of money trying to convince us that the Bush plan in Iraq is working. One of the White House’s favorite senators and big voting supporter of Bush and the Iraq war is Susan Collins. Senator Collins should be happy she made the Vote […]