VA Caught Being Sleazy – But Bush Profiteer Buddies Walk

Top VA Officials Plotted to Indict Vet in Violation of Federal VA Rules [Credit to Michael Leon at MAL Contends]

Madison, Wisconsin—The Bush administration has refused to prosecute even one case of contractor fraud despite the multi-billion-dollar swindling and war-profiteering scandals in Iraq, but pursues a vigorous enterprise to marginalize, investigate, and […]

Who Is Responsibile To Texas Veterans: Doggett or Cornyn

Actual responses from Cornyn & Doggett:

Dear (BossKitty),

Thank you for contacting my offices. Your correspondence has been received, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. A copy of your message is attached below for your records.

If you need immediate assistance regarding […]

UPDATE Veterans Sue VA Over PTSD

Below is a follow up on a post I did on July 23, 2007; Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA. I am updating this at the request of Bob Handy of Veterans United for Truth. I encourage all Americans to take a long look at this case and start participating in the demand […]

PTSD claims a very dear friend – I share my sadness

Word this morning that my very dear friend, neighbor and co-worker for over 20 years has ended his life. He has been treated for extreme PTSD, from his Viet Nam experience as a Marine, for over 3 decades and diagnosed as “seriously mentally disabled”. The VA, veteran support groups and all who cared […]

Happy Afghans – Happy Taliban – Buying Power

Another record poppy crop in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Afghanistan will produce another record poppy harvest this year that cements its status as the world’s near-sole supplier of the heroin source, yet a furious debate over how to reverse the trend is stalling proposals to cut the crop, U.S. officials say. As […]

Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA

Veterans denied health care, is an absolute disgrace! To me there is no excuse that the VA can possibly give to defend their complete lack of incompetence and responsibility to veterans.

This administration and the GOP could give a rat’s ass about the soldiers. They will send them into harms way and them […]

Bush And The VA’s Failure Of All Veterans

I was recently left a link in my comment section for the movie “When I came Home”, which by the way won the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival Award. This is about homeless Vietnam through the Iraqi war vets. You read that right, homeless vets. Bush and his continued neo-con bullshit of “we support […]

Outsourcing US Security, “We can’t spy … If we can’t buy!”

The corporate takeover of U.S. intelligence by Tim Shorrock,

Global Research, June 3, 2007

The U.S. government now outsources a vast portion of its spying operations to private firms — with zero public accountability.

More than five years into the global “war on terror,” spying […]

How USA Betrays Their Friends – Why Should They Trust Us?

US smashes Army conspiracy against an old communist enemy

Richard Lloyd Parry, Asia Editor, Times Online

A plot by pro-American dissidents to overthrow one of the last Asian communist dictatorships has been thwarted by a US undercover agent who posed as an arms dealer.

The alleged leader of the […]