Mr.TB Asks Forgiveness As Dr. Death Set For Release …

Oh what a beautiful set of headlines – Doctor vs. Patient juxtaposition …

TB patient: ‘I hope they forgive me’

Fugitive TB patient asks for forgiveness

TB patient Andrew Speaker ‘sorry’ for exposure risks

TB patient Andrew Speaker can run but he cannot hide

Kevorkian to be released from prison

Jack […]

Homeland Security Border Failure

In a follow up to BossKitty’s post How Irresponsible! How Selfish! How Prepared? , it should not shock any of us that Homeland Security once again failed.

According to CNN, Mr. TB is Andrew Speaker a 31 year old attorney, whose father-in-law works for the CDC on TB research.

The man has been […]

How Irresponsible! How Selfish! How Prepared?


XDR TB was recently defined as a subtype of multiple-drug resistant tuberculosis. It often proves fatal.

The man’s tuberculosis had been diagnosed before his departure, but he disregarded his doctors’ recommendation that he not travel, she said. “The patient had compelling reasons for traveling and made the decision to go ahead […]