The Force Is Gaining On Darth Cheney And Gang


Frank Corte, Jr Proposes Christian Dominionist Theocracy For Texas

Dominionists appear to get pleasure out of torturing people who believe or think for themselves … THAT is sick! Making the choice for abortion is a traumatic event to begin with. That choice is never made lightly. Do NOT allow this disgusting measure become a real bill. […]

U.S. On Canadian Torture List

Well it’s that something to be proud of. Just over seven years ago the U.S. was viewed by most countries as a model for peace and prosperity. However, during the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush, we have a failed economy on all levels, and best of all, our pals to the north […]

White House To NYT; Change Story Title

For years we’ve known that the White House has controlled the MSM, now in a stunning and blatant move the White House publicly asks the New York Times to change a sub title in their headline. While I am pleased that the request was public, I am appalled that the request was even […]

Judge Orders Hearing on CIA Videos

It is remarkable and refreshing to see Judges finally stand up to Bush and his corrupt administration. For seven years BushCo have lied, profited, twisted laws for their gain, destroyed the Constitution and bullied Americans, now in recent months Judges have been ruling against Bush and his self appointed authority.


When The CIA Obstructs Justice, Who Gets Prosecuted?

CIA director General Michael Hayden has confirmed that his agency destroyed videotapes taken during the interrogations of two al-Qaeda suspects soon after 9/11.

Gen Hayden said the suspects were detained under the CIA’s “terrorist detention and interrogation programme” – widely understood to mean the apparatus […]

Chiquita Banana funds terror according to lawsuit

Colombian families’ suit says Chiquita liable for torture, murder

NEW YORK (CNN) — A $7.86 billion lawsuit was filed Wednesday in New York on behalf of nearly 400 Colombian families who say Chiquita Brands International should be held responsible for the “torture and murder” of their loved ones.



French Detain Rumsfeld On Torture

It’s infuriating, disgusting and very sad that charges against the Bush administration war criminals have to be filed in Europe. That should be a clear signal to everyone that not only is our federal system broken but our judicial system is broken. The ability for someone to bring charges in this […]

Historical Revisionism – United States Genocide vs Ottomans

Why does the US think that disrespecting Turkey’s historical image related to the Ottoman/Armenian era, then ordering it to lay off the Kurds, is acceptable? Turkey’s military chief has said US-Turkish ties will never be the same again if US lawmakers brand the Ottoman Empire’s massacre of Armenians a genocide

We Don’t Torture; Yeah Right

When I was a kid, I was taught to respect the office of the president no matter what party he was from. However, with the current regime in Washington and the banana republic that we have the pleasure of living under, I never thought the day would come when I would be so […]