Though Part Of TTC 69 Stalled, The Rest Steamrollers On To Connect With John Cornyn’s Mexican Superhighway

Guest Post: Vince Leibowitz of

Although part of the controversial TTC 69 route of the Trans-Texas Corridor has been (or will be) altered, it’s full steam(roller) ahead on the southern aspect of the superhighway:

The second half of the massive Trans Texas Corridor will take a large step toward reality today, when […]

Rick Perry And The Trans-Texas Corridor Equals Corruption

There seems to be a run on corrupt Texas politicians, funny it’s from the GOP side of the isle. Yes, I’m talking about Gov. Good hair, Rick Perry and his pet project the Trans Texas Corridor with his Spanish Corporation lobbyist. Texans are fighting back.

At our county convention yesterday, several of the […]

Texas Gov Rick Perry Jumps From Rudy To McCain

The Kettle Endorses the Pot …

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that John McCain has an insurmountable lead for the GOP nomination in the presidential race, and that Texans will support him in their March 4 primary election.

“I think this Republican nomination is over. This is frankly being down […]

Shameful Conflict of Interest Hits Texas Democrat

TX Representative Harold Dutton “didn’t want her to have one nickel”

A Harris County family court has awarded the ex-wife of state Rep. Harold Dutton Jr. nearly $16,000, finding the state legislator was in arrears on court-ordered child support payments. Dutton, an attorney, also was ordered to […]

Guilty Texan Oscar Wyatt Jr. Among Oil For Food Scammers

Oscar Wyatt Jr., 83, founder and former chairman of Coastal Corp. enters Manhattan federal court in the second week of his trial in this October file photo. LOUIS LANZANO: AP

Texas Oilman Handed Year Prison Term

NEW YORK (AP) — Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. was sentenced to a year in prison […]

Just A Sample Of Texas Profiteering Crooks In Action

WACO, Texas — Former Waco Humane Society animal shelter director was sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail and five years’ probation for improperly using an agency credit card for personal expenses.

HOUSTON — Texas Southern University‘s former president betrayed the trust of students, officials and the […]