Barbara Ann Radnofsky On Countdown And Texas Gay Marriage

Barbara Ann Radnofsky made Countdown’s number one spot on “World’s Best Person” segment. Apparently in 2005 when the homophobic Texas legislatures outlawed gay marriage they outlawed straight marriage as well. The intelligence of Greg Abbott and the GOP is underwhelming.


Killer Texas Laws and Lawmakers Continue To Amaze

Texas Constitution and Statutes

Texas Legislature cranking out variety of stiffer penalties for obscure crimes

Despite pledges to reverse Texas’ “lock ‘em up” reputation, House lawmakers continue to expand the state’s penal code, tacking tougher penalties onto increasingly obscure crimes. Despite pledges to reverse Texas’ “lock ‘em up” reputation, House lawmakers […]

Frank Corte, Jr Proposes Christian Dominionist Theocracy For Texas

Dominionists appear to get pleasure out of torturing people who believe or think for themselves … THAT is sick! Making the choice for abortion is a traumatic event to begin with. That choice is never made lightly. Do NOT allow this disgusting measure become a real bill. […]

Texas Nov 6 Election Proposition Results

The following propositions passed in yesterday’s election:

Proposition 1: Appropriation for facilities at Angelo University; Proposition 2: Student loan bonds; Proposition 3: Limiting appraised value of the residence homestead; Proposition 4: General construction, improvement bonds; Proposition 5: Local election to limit municipal property taxes; Proposition 6: Exempt from ad valorem tax one […]

Texas November 6 General Election Round Up

This round-up of election news and endorsement posts is brought to you by the Texas Progressive Alliance in anticipation of the November 6 general election. Some of the blogs and sites included in this round-up are not member sites of the Texas Progressive Alliance, but are included in the hopes of giving voters […]