Ted Stevens Guilty Of Corruption

Ted Stevens was found guilty of corruption, what a shock. Did Stevens actually believe the jury would buy his “I wasn’t aware of” story? Obviously not since he was found guilt on all seven charges.

Surprisingly Stevens is still on the ballot in Alaska in a tight race. Alaskans should send a very […]

Palin’s Campaign Contributions From Convicted Criminal Bill Allen

It seems that the more mud you sling, eventually you’ll get hit. Sarah Palin, who tries to present herself as a reformer, an agent of change, a political corruption buster, seems to have a very serious skeleton in her political closet, Bill Allen. That’s right, the man who Ted Stevens took gifts from, […]

Sarah Palin On The Issues

Now that we have gotten past who is Sarah Palin, let’s look at where Palin stands on the issues. I know it’s long but we have a lot to learn in a very short amount of time. Here’s what the national media has told us so far. Palin is conservative, Evangelical Christian (not […]

GOP Leadership Rush To Judgment On Craig

There is one issue with the Larry Craig story that I fail to understand, why some in the GOP and some Craig supports are using the term “rush to judgment.” Of course it doesn’t help that the MSM can’t do their job correctly and only give sound bites of information instead of the […]

Senate Passes Ethics Bill

In an 83 to 14 vote, the Senate today joined the House and passed legislation requiring that lawmakers disclose more about their efforts to fund pet projects and raise money from lobbyists.

One of the senators who voted against the bill was of course Senator do nothing for Texas […]

Sen. Ted Steven Vows To Block Ethics Bill

This is rich; one day after Stevens house gets raided during an investigation for public corruption, he vows to block the House ethics bill. I don’t think Stevens would know ethics if it bit him in the ass.

Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, whose home back in Alaska was raided by federal investigators […]

FBI Raids Senator Ted Stevens Home

Do the scandals ever stop? It doesn’t matter if they’re a democrat or a republican; the simple fact is politicians are completely out of control.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Agents from the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on Monday searched the home of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, an official said.

Investigators arrived […]