Economic Stimulus 2008; Beware of Promised Fast Refunds

The Recovery Rebate Credit is a one-time benefit for people who didn’t receive their full Economic Stimulus Payment in 2008 and whose circumstances may have changed for 2009, making them eligible now for some or all of the unpaid 2008 portion.

Your Recovery Rebate Credit will be included as part of your refund, […]

Refund Anticipation Loans, Rapid Refunds, Sleazy Tax Preparers

The sleaziest thing a tax preparer can do is sell you a “fast refund”, “two or three day refund”, “instant refund”, “EZ-Money or “Rapid Refund”. They are selling you a BANK LOAN at an extraordinary percentage rate PLUS the fee for preparation. Witness the poor person who had a $50.00 refund and was […]

Last Word On The Economic Stimulus Controversy

Tax Rebate Exclusions Draw Fire

In its effort to keep tax rebate money out of the hands of illegal aliens, Congress ended up denying the rebates to hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants, U.S. military personnel and plain-old honest taxpaying U.S. citizens.

Under the tax rebate rules established by the IRS […]

Stand Down Ya’ll, Bush insists US not in recession

US President George W Bush has insisted the US is not in recession but says that he remains concerned about the economy’s performance.

In his State of the Union address, President George W Bush made reviving the US economy the centrepiece of his last year in office. But can he do […]

Paulson Cheers Bush Budget – Reid Cites George Orwell

OpEd: Home Sick and watching C-Span … more people should watch this circus.

The great shift in the economy has bound the hands of the middle class the USA used to be so proud of.

Secretary of Treasury Paulson states that extending unemployment benefits would discourage seeking employment. He also supports cutting benefits […]

Republican Sen. McConnell Holds Economic Stimulus Hostage As Senate Brawls Over FISA

Reid Tries to Pressure G.O.P. for $159 Billion Stimulus Bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats tried to pressure Republicans on Monday to vote for a $159 billion economic stimulus plan, including $1 billion in additional subsidies for home energy, instead of a cheaper, more streamlined package approved by the House […]

Pop Quiz: What To Do With That $300 Or Is It $600

Hearing all the news about the Economic Stimulus package and the likelihood of many Taxpayers and Non-taxpayers receiving $300 to $600, maybe more. My dreams collide with one another, about how to handle that money. I am so torn. Cats must be neutered, bills must be paid, and I really want […]

Senate Ignores Bush: will draft its own economic stimulus

Bush warns Congress not to load the (Economic Stimulus) deal with spending projects or delay sending it to his desk for a signature. Although it may not be everything Republicans want, he said, the package of payments to workers and incentives for business investment puts money in the hands of everyday Americans […]

Bush-Pelosi deal – Stimulates The Senate And IRS

Washington Post Op Ed

It will take some heroics by the Internal Revenue Service to get any tax rebate checks out by June — assuming a bill passes the Senate soon. Several Senate Democrats have said they plan to tinker with the Bush-Pelosi deal, trying to add not only unemployment […]

Quick, Gimme $800 Now – They’re Repossessing My …


The devil is in the details

Once a rebate is decided on, the IRS could start mailing out checks by the end of June since the agency is now in the middle of the 2007 tax-filing season, said Jason Furman, a senior fellow at the Brookings […]