Bush The Deceiver: A Disgrace To All Americans

Bush the deceiver, the liar and a disgrace to all Americans again is hiding the truth and playing with numbers. I guess he thinks soldiers are numbers and not human beings.

In his prime time play us for fools speech, Bush said troops would be redeployed by next summer bringing the troops to […]

Key Sunni Ally Of U.S. Assassinated

I am sure this will have an effect on troops being redeployed. Bush and the administration have taken much credit for Al Anbar Province, however as we all know it was under control prior to the surge because of Sheik Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha. Bush will have to overcome this assassination in his […]

Lloyd Doggett: The President’s Surge Is As Successful As Bin Laden ‘Dead Or Alive

Bravo Rep. Doggett! The MSM never seem to give attention to those in Congress who stand up for what is right and stand up against Bush. Below is Doggett’s speech on the House floor this morning.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) spoke on the House floor about the failure of the surge to achieve […]

Rumsfeld “dismissed” and “ignored” the warnings

A second key British general has criticised US post-war policy in Iraq.

Maj Gen Tim Cross, who was the most senior UK officer involved in post-war planning, told the Sunday Mirror US policy was “fatally flawed“. His comments came after Gen Sir Mike Jackson, head of the Army during the […]

Bush Still In Denial, National Intelligence Estimate

Today, the National Intelligence Council released an unclassified summary of the most recent National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. The report paints a grim picture of the political and security situation in Iraq and is at odds with the President’s assessment.

BossKitty says: Regardless of all the official and unofficial reports gushing in, […]

Hillary’s Two Faces Of The Surge

There are things about all of the 2008 presidential candidates that I don’t agree with or just flat irritate me. But, Hilary Clinton takes the prize. At forums, debates and whatever microphone opportunity she can get, Hillary is very good about tell all the other candidates how to say things. I guess she’s […]