Edwards Wins California Straw Poll

San Mateo County Democratic Party hosted the California Straw Poll on October 21st and they have declared John Edwards the winner. Interesting how the MSM doesn’t bother to cover polls when Clinton is behind.

Overall Results Votes cast: 761   Vote Count Percentage JOHN EDWARDS 221 29.0% DENNIS KUCINICH 180 23.6% BARACK OBAMA […]

Comments From Iowa

Below are some comments from Iowa regarding the straw poll and money spent. The comments that are posted are by permission from the authors and unedited. Also one of the authors, a Ron Paul supporter, has a very well done page www.spirit76.org

Falls Short

Looks like Romney finished 5,000 […]

McCain Responds to 101 Votes

John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis released this statement in response to McCain’s de minimis showing in the Ames Straw Poll: “Over the past eight months John McCain has met with Iowans across the state, built a broad base of support, and demonstrated why he is the most prepared candidate to lead America […]

Romney Wins Straw Poll, Huckabee Takes Second

Iowa Independent; by: Chase Martyn Saturday (08/11) at 20:23 PM

Results coming in now:


14,302 ballots cast

11th place: John Cox (41 votes, 0.3%) 10th place: John McCain (101 votes, 0.7%) 9th place: Duncan Hunter (174 votes, 1.2%) 8th place: Rudy Giuliani (183 votes, 1.3%) 7th place: […]