Iraq Hands Out Stimulus Money As Us Shifts Occupation

Bush must have shared his formula with Maliki for buying time. Maliki has decided that cash payments will appease the stomach turning mess that resulted from King George’s folly. Maliki has to face the music by himself pretty soon. […]

Senate Passes $170 Billion Economic Stimulus Package

It’s disgusting that the GOP would not give money to extend unemployment benefits, food stamps and heating oil assistance. However, Mitch McConnell is very please with his go alone to get along with Bush plan.

According to an AP report: The economic plan that would give $600 to $1,200 in rebates to most […]

Republican Sen. McConnell Holds Economic Stimulus Hostage As Senate Brawls Over FISA

Reid Tries to Pressure G.O.P. for $159 Billion Stimulus Bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats tried to pressure Republicans on Monday to vote for a $159 billion economic stimulus plan, including $1 billion in additional subsidies for home energy, instead of a cheaper, more streamlined package approved by the House […]

Senate Finance Committee Passed Economic Stimulus Plan

This should make Bush’s head spin. The Committee added 21 million seniors, 250,000 disabled veterans and an extra 13 weeks of unemployment. All of the committee’s Democrats voted to approve the bill. Seven of the committee’s 10 Republicans voted against it. The Senate could vote on the package as early as Thursday. Let’s […]

Lobbyists;The Sharks Circle The Stimulus Package

It didn’t take long for lobbyist to smell their next meal. Pushing for their clients needs seems to be of greater importance than pushing for the needs of Americans, especially the middle class. Lobbyists see this as an opportunity for their corporate clients to get more tax breaks, rollbacks and special treatment.

Most […]

Pop Quiz: What To Do With That $300 Or Is It $600

Hearing all the news about the Economic Stimulus package and the likelihood of many Taxpayers and Non-taxpayers receiving $300 to $600, maybe more. My dreams collide with one another, about how to handle that money. I am so torn. Cats must be neutered, bills must be paid, and I really want […]

Senate Ignores Bush: will draft its own economic stimulus

Bush warns Congress not to load the (Economic Stimulus) deal with spending projects or delay sending it to his desk for a signature. Although it may not be everything Republicans want, he said, the package of payments to workers and incentives for business investment puts money in the hands of everyday Americans […]