House Fails To Override SCHIPS Veto

House fails to override Bush’s veto on SCHIPS 273-155. The vote fell short of the two thirds majority needed for an override. Two Democrats voted No. Who are these two democrats who have denied children health care? It was disgusting that when the votes were announced and the bill failed the […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up:Bush SCHIP Veto

President Bush today vetoed an important and widely supported bi-partisan expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) (H.R. 976). WhosPlayin takes a look at what the blogs of the Texas Progressive Alliance are saying about this terrible move:

Adam at Three Wise Men writes: Bush uses veto pen to strike health […]

N.J. Governor Sues Bush Administration Over SCHIP

Once again Bush is willing to deprive Americans but he will ask Congress over and over again for millions to fund his failed war. I’m sure Bush will attempt to make Gov. Corzine’s suite political instead of doing the right thing and cover American children.

TRENTON – Governor Jon S. Corzine today filed […]

SCHIP Pros and Cons From Texans and My Opinion

SCHIP OPINIONS from Houston Chronicle:

This country owes more than $9 trillion. In one generation we have gone from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation. … I am very sympathetic to children who do not have health insurance coverage. But I don’t believe nationalization is the answer. Our government has […]

$750 Million A Day Spent On Bush Armageddon Envy

The Quakers have a wonderful website, AFSC.ORG , that keeps tally of the dollars being flushed down the war toilet. They have posted alternative directions this enormous amount of money could be better spent. This country contains well over 300 Million souls. The quality of life is rapidly being thrown in two directions; […]

John Cornyn’s Recent Votes Against Americans

John Cornyn a disgrace to Texas. Once again Senator do nothing Cornyn has voted with Bush and against Americans. What’s most disgraceful about Cornyn is that he voted against the SCHIPS program.

You really have to wonder how anyone could deny children healthcare. The republicans jumped up and down saying this […]