How Sarah Palin Could Prove Darwin Wrong by Becoming the Stupidest President in History

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The most recent scuttle-butt, the smart-money, the self-appointed pundits, those in-the-know as well as those who don’t have two clues are making the safest bet on the planet: Sarah Palin wants to run for President. What if she succeeds? Her ‘election’ (or ‘selection’) to that high office […]

Arizona: Representative Micro-Vortex of Right-Wing Bigotry, Greed and Guns

Out of all indictments of the American experiment, the state of Arizona stands shamed as the seediest living example of what our country will look like when the Hustlers, Idiots and Corporations take over. The rhetoric-inspired mass murder and assassination attempt on Representative Gabriel Giffords is just the latest canker sore in Arizona’s […]

Racism, Hate and The Tea Party

It’s not because I am a democrat or hold progressive views, that I believe the Tea Party is racist, hateful or hints at fascism or even Nazism. The fact is, the Tea Party, on it’s own, has exhibited these traits at events, rallies, protest and speeches. The sad and scary thing is, the […]

59% Believe Palin Is Not Qualified To Be V.P.

Sarah Palin is turning out to be a real drag on John McCain and the GOP. Picking a vice president is the first executive decision that a presidential nominee has to make. This decision allows the public to view a candidate’s decision making process and judgment. Unfortunately, picking Sarah Palin is another example […]

CREW Files FEC Complaint Against Palin

We’ve gone from 8 years of the “emperor has no clothes” to “the empress has new clothes.” The GOP is priceless. Palin is following in McCain’s footsteps for FEC violations, what a maverick. CREW has filed a complaint against Palin for the $150,000.00 spent on her cloths.

The RNC excuse for the new […]

Palin Stumped By A Third Grader: VP Makes Policy….NOT

Sarah Palin is truly a dunce. In a recent interview in Colorado, Sarah Palin was easily stumped by an third grader.

Q: Brandon Garcia wants to know, “What does the Vice President do?”

PALIN: That’s something that Piper would ask me! … They’re in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want […]

Palin’s Ethics Problems Keep Growing

When Troopergate went national, the McCain Palin team were against The Alaskan Legislative Counsel conducting the investigation. Palin continued to state the investigation should be handled by the Personnel Board. Well, McCain and Palin got their wish, the Personnel Board will investigate Troopergate. Be prepared for another Palin spin on this one. Since […]

Palin;Troopergate Report Vindicates Me

I’m not sure how Palin can state to Alaska reporters that the Troopergate report vindicates her. I guess Palin missed the part where she violated ethics laws. I had a few thoughts; Palin, like George Bush, lives in a parallel universe; Palin doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong; and she never […]

Joe Biden On Negative Attacks

Troopergate Findings: Gov. Sarah Palin Abused Her Power

Sarah Palin who has portrayed herself as honest, different from the same old Washington politics, has once again lied. Not only did Palin abuse her power as governor, she violated public trust, an ethics violation. Palin sounds like Bush.

In a previous post, Alaskan State Senator Hollis French stated:

“Now she could face […]