Texas Gov Rick Perry Jumps From Rudy To McCain

The Kettle Endorses the Pot …

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that John McCain has an insurmountable lead for the GOP nomination in the presidential race, and that Texans will support him in their March 4 primary election.

“I think this Republican nomination is over. This is frankly being down […]

Giuliani And The GOP Trying To Rig California Elections

Once again the GOP has put the wheels on what was thought to be their broken efforts to redefine California election from winner take all to a district voting win. In a previous post, I wrote how the The Electoral College votes in California would be divided by Congressional districts, instead of counting […]

GOP: The Exclusive White Club

Another debate another snubbing, the GOP front runners seem to think it’s beneath them to attend minority debates or forums. This time they have turned their backs on a debate by PBS at Morgan State University, a historical black college.

So far the GOP candidates have managed to thumb their nose at the […]

Theodore Olson And Rudy Giuliani Team Up

In recent days, the way Rudy’s been going after Hillary it’s not surprising that he has drafted Theodore Olsen to go to bat for him .

WASHINGTON (AP) – In his campaign to win over Republican conservatives, presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has a persuasive ally in Theodore Olson, a high-profile lawyer often mentioned […]

GOP Candidates Stick With Bush

As the country turns further away from Bush and his failed Iraq policy, the GOP presidential candidates stand with Bush. GOP candidates continues to show just how out of step they are with the majority of Americans. Do they really think the failures of the Bush administration will get them into the White […]

Priceless Quotes From GOP Debate

(CNN Political Ticker) – Several Republican presidential candidates distanced themselves from President Bush’s foreign policy doctrine, and questioned the role of Vice President Cheney, during Sunday morning’s nationally-televised debate.

The foreign policy comments came in response to a question during on President Bush’s second term goal of spreading democracy and ending tyranny, […]