H.R. 5843: Are Americans Responsible Adults, Try H.R. 5842

If Big Pharma can find a way to profit from these bills, they would pass in a heartbeat. Government Agencies from Federal down to your local Sheriff consider “Marijuana Busts” their bread and butter. Lotsa mileage from little effort. Yes, there is a LOT of money to be made while Marijuana stays illegal. […]

GOP Candidates Really Do Hate Veterans

Does it really shock anyone that the GOP presidential candidates are cold hearted, live in a parallel universe and are hypocrites? The GOP labeled anyone opposing Bush’s war as unpatriotic and sent troops to their death or to be maimed and suffer PTSD. And, while the GOP continually shouts that they support the […]

The Media Ignores Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul … OpEd

Is their message too logical? Does the idea of busting the K Street gangsters scare corporations? These two are images of Elliot Ness stalking the gangsters. Focused, unwavering and serious about what they are about. They are about the Constitution and human dignity. They are about equitable treatment of individuals and countries. They […]

Don’t Piss Off China – Listen To Ron Paul

China’s US$1.3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves are the largest in the world and are believed to be comprised largely of dollar assets, potentially giving Beijing enormous sway over the dollar’s value and currency markets worldwide.

…. Chinese government economists as saying China would dump its dollar holdings in the event of a […]

Romney Wins Straw Poll, Huckabee Takes Second

Iowa Independent; by: Chase Martyn Saturday (08/11) at 20:23 PM

Results coming in now:


14,302 ballots cast

11th place: John Cox (41 votes, 0.3%) 10th place: John McCain (101 votes, 0.7%) 9th place: Duncan Hunter (174 votes, 1.2%) 8th place: Rudy Giuliani (183 votes, 1.3%) 7th place: […]

Priceless Quotes From GOP Debate

(CNN Political Ticker) – Several Republican presidential candidates distanced themselves from President Bush’s foreign policy doctrine, and questioned the role of Vice President Cheney, during Sunday morning’s nationally-televised debate.

The foreign policy comments came in response to a question during on President Bush’s second term goal of spreading democracy and ending tyranny, […]

Democrats Embrace Bloggers

Democrats spar at blog gathering

Seven of the Democratic candidates for US president have fielded questions from more than 1,000 political bloggers at an annual convention in Chicago. Correspondents say the candidates’ presence reflects the growing influence of such bloggers, seen as a key resource by candidates. The candidates’ appearance at the YearlyKos […]

Military Contributions Supports Ron Paul

It’s interesting that the GOP continues to tell us that the withdrawal from Iraq is a slap in the face of the troops. Surprise the military isn’t contributing to the hawks.

In the recent 2nd Quarter report, Ron Paul, the staunchly anti-war GOP candidate is getting the most contributions from employees of the […]