Food Stamp Plight Highlights Perry’s Failure To Lead, Gilbert Says

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2009

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Says Governor Should Step Up And Take Responsibility For Texans Going Hungry

TYLER—Hank Gilbert, Democratic candidate for Texas governor, said Monday that the crisis in food stamp application processing—which could ultimately lead to a loss of federal funds for the state—was yet another […]

Rick Perry and Friends Welcome Toxic Burritos

If It’s Really Bad, Ship It to West Texas – The PCBs of the Hudson River Heading to Texas, Hudson’s Toxic Mud Stirs Town: NY Times May 31, 2009

EUNICE, N.M. — There are not many towns in America that would welcome the 2.5 million cubic yards of toxic sludge being […]

Rick Perry And The Trans-Texas Corridor Equals Corruption

There seems to be a run on corrupt Texas politicians, funny it’s from the GOP side of the isle. Yes, I’m talking about Gov. Good hair, Rick Perry and his pet project the Trans Texas Corridor with his Spanish Corporation lobbyist. Texans are fighting back.

At our county convention yesterday, several of the […]

Texas Gov Rick Perry Jumps From Rudy To McCain

The Kettle Endorses the Pot …

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Saturday that John McCain has an insurmountable lead for the GOP nomination in the presidential race, and that Texans will support him in their March 4 primary election.

“I think this Republican nomination is over. This is frankly being down […]

Texas Gov.Rick Perry Endorses Giuliani

If anyone believes that Rick Perry’s endorsement of Rudy is a win for the conservative right has no clue of Perry’s ambitions. Perry would love to be picked for vice president. By endorsing Rudy, Perry is pinning his hopes on Giuliani becoming GOP nominee.

Should Perry get the V.P. spot Americans would have […]