Rick Noriega 2008 Texas Democratic Convention

Tonight at the Texas State Democratic Convention, Rick Noriega charged up thousands of delegates with sending John Cornyn packing in November.

While John Cornyny sits in D.C. voting against the G.I. bill, voting against ending the war in Iraq, Rick and the soldiers he commends in the Alamo Battalion will be once […]

Mikal Watts’s Poor Responses

Recently Democracy For Texas sent U.S. Senate democratic challengers Rick Noriega and Mikal Watts a questionnaire for possible endorsement. In reading the responses, I was less than impressed with Mikal Watts. Some of his responses were bloated and missing the point, vague and many of his answers provide zero solution, options or a […]

Democracy For Texas Endorsement Poll

Below is a statement from Democracy For Texas regarding their future endorsement of either Rick Noriega or Mikal Watts. I encourage all Texans to participate, read both candidates responses to DFT questions and vote.

From Democracy For Texas :

John Cornyn has been on the wrong side of countless issues that […]

Rick Noriega’s Political Miscalculations

When it comes to running for public office we all know that it takes a lot of cash to get to the primaries and a ton more to get through the general election. I don’t fault any candidate in either party from taking contributions from organizations that they might not support […]

Cornyn Looses Top Republican Supporter to Democrate Noriega

Just another nail in the coffin of Senator do nothing for Texas Cornyn. Democratic challenger Rick Noriega has just gained the largest supporter of Cornyn and the Republican Party. Texas republicans are turning their backs on the Cornyn and taking a stand for what’s right.

From Capital Annex:

One of the top […]

Watch YearlyKos Convention Free

You can watch the YearlyKos Convention free via ustream.tv. So far they have uploaded 8 clips. You don’t have to join or sign up to watch the clips.

One of the clips is an interview with Rick Noriega who is challenging Texas Senator do nothing Cornyn.