Hillary Clinton, NIE And Iranian Revolutionary Guard

The recent NIE report on Iran can’t sit well with Hillary Clinton. In September, Clinton signed the Liberman-Kyl Amendment calling Iran‘s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group which fueled Bush and Cheney’s war drums. Clinton probably signed the bill to build her hawkish stance for the general election; however, it appears that her judgment […]

Bush To Strike Iran And Hillary’s Poor Judgment

I an unbelievably stupid move last week, the Senate followed Joe LIEberman down the path of war with Iran by passing a bill which listed the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as terrorist. That evening, during the democratic debate, it was pointed out that Hillary Clinton voted for the bill, Obama was absent and Biden […]

3000 Centrifuges Later – Give Bush Another Excuse, Please

Iran is running 3,000 atomic centrifuges

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday Iran had met a planned target of installing and running 3,000 atomic centrifuges used in enriching uranium, Iranian news agencies reported.

Iran had said it aimed to have that many centrifuges, which are set up in […]

CIA Operations And Bush’s Excuse For War In Iran

Here we go again, get ready for the upcoming Bush/Cheney fun house; packed with lies to build their case for yet another war. Let’s see they tried to get us to bite with “Iran has nuclear weapons and they will use them on us” but that sounded too much like to “Iraq has […]

One Step Closer To War With Iran

It appears that we are moving one step closer to a war with Iran. While Karzai and Maliki are trying to set up relations with their neighbor Iran, Bush is adding fuel to the war fire. This will be the first time this type of action will be taken against a foreign government […]