21st Century FBI: An Embarrassment to Justice J. Edgar Would be Proud of

by Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire With images of dictatorial crackdown filling the internet media machine, it’s an opportune time for the American citizenry to re-examine our own nation’s vast security apparatus. While reflecting on our country’s many dark connections to Mubarak and numerous other dictators, let us also reflect on […]

Lou Dobbs aka Luis Dobalez… Hateful Hypocrite and a Half, a Helpful Compilation

By Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

Conservative bigot and supposed journalist Lou Dobbs has a serious problem with “illegal immigration.” It irritates him so much that he railed to millions every night from his televised “news” pulpit. He became famous for his righteous anti-undocumented worker rages.

And this week we […]

Tea Party Candidates — More Proof that they are running cover for the Corporate Agenda

By Reverend Manny (and the Twilight Empire)

When I think of ultimate horrible business hustles, it’s a long list, but near the top are sweatshops, mercenaries, commodity profiteering and environmental assault.

Enter the Tea Party.

It’s awfully hard to get people to mobilize against their own interests. So corporations have to sponsor folks […]