Demanding Congress To Reverse Their Capitulation

I received the email below from and thought you would like to sign the petition.

The Democratic-controlled Congress did the unthinkable on Saturday night: They gave President Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales more unchecked power to wiretap Americans without a warrant.1 Yes, that’s the same Attorney General who is currently mired […]

Bush; DoJ Will Not Pursue Contempt Charges

I am sick and tires of this administrations constant stonewalling and lying. If you have nothing to hide and if you did nothing wrong, one would cooperate. Isn’t that what honest descent people believe. But then we are speaking of Bush.

Bush administration officials unveiled a bold new assertion of executive authority yesterday […]

Christians Behaving Badly

Today in the U.S. Senate, Christians once again show their teachings or lack thereof.

A Hindu clergyman made history Thursday by offering the U.S. Senate’s morning prayer, but only after police officers removed three shouting protesters from the visitors’ gallery. Rajan Zed, director of interfaith relations at a Hindu temple, gave the […]

Harriet Miers In Inherent Contempt

From AMERICAblog:

Would you like to see Harriet Miers, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove being led to jail by the Capitol Hill Police and the House’s Sargeant at Arms? Would Friday be good for you?


Inherent Contempt is a little used, little known tool that the House or Senate […]

Call Pelosi And Reid With Your Disgust

I have had it!!!!!!!! My e-mails obivously fell on blind eyes. So now I am encouraging everyone to call Pelosi and Reid to tell them Just how disgusted we are with their lack of leadership.

Speaker Pelosi – 202- 225-0100

Harry Reid – 202-224-3542

Howard Dean – 202-863-8000

Pelosi And Reid Have Failed America

As Bush stand in the Rose Garden this morning giving his same old tired speech about the young Iraq Government and the his new strategy, I wonder how many new strategies are we going to have for this failed war. I’m sure September will bring another new strategy.

I am deeply disgusted with […]

Another Lie From V.P.Darth Vader

The statements V.P. Darth Vader made today are so arrogant and out of touch; “Cheney accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday of pursuing a defeatist strategy in Iraq to win votes in the next election — a charge Reid said did not warrant a response.”

Win votes I really don’t think […]

Republicans Jump On Reid And The Democrats

The Republican Party has a lot of nerve to jump on anyone who publicly states the war is lost. Again like a broken record, the GOP saying that Reid and the Democrats don’t support the troops. Frankly I think sending the troops to Iraq without full protection, training, short leaves and not supporting […]

A Good Week So Far

It’s a pretty week to have a smile on your face:

All the British sailors are free;

Nancy Pelosi in Syria….and not giving a hoot what Bush and the gang have to say;

Democratic candidates raised more money than the Republicans….priceless;

Bush pissed at everyone for not doing what he says;

Students pelt […]