Ralph Nader’s Advice To Gravel; Get Out Of The Race

Ralph Nader is a bigger fool than I had ever realized. Nader, who has thrown his irrelevant hat into the presidential ring, has some advice for Mike Gravel, Libertarian candidate; get out of the race. Nader actually sounds like he’s talking about himself, especially the last paragraph.

“Mike Gravel should get out of […]

Ralph Nader Will Run For President

WASHINGTON – Ralph Nader is launching a third-party campaign for president.

Last month, Nader began an exploratory presidential campaign and launched a Web site that promises to fight “corporate greed, corporate power, corporate control.”

Nader’s appearance on “Meet the Press” was announced Friday in an e-mail message from Nader’s exploratory campaign. […]

Nader Rails Against Clinton And Supports Edwards

I’m not a big fan of Ralph Nader but sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. We all know Nader isn’t shy about speaking his mind and reminding us how corrupt our government is, and how both parties are slaves to corporate financing and interests, so yesterday in Iowa […]