America: A Spectator Sport or Soap Opera

The world wonders what kind of change Obama really intends. Will he be able to really control so many “Clintonistas” in his cabinet? […]

Pelosi And Emanuel Speak Out On Petreaus Report

Bush could actually give a crap what Pelosi and Emanuel have to say. Bush will spin the September report which will include more lies about progress. Bush will continue with his failed war and failed foreign policy.Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“The question for September is: ‘Why should our troops risk their lives […]

Democrats Plan To Cut Cheney Out Of Executive Funding Bill

So we now have four branches of government.

The Raw Story:Josh Catone

Following Vice President Dick Cheney’s assertion that his office is not a part of the executive branch of the US government, Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) plans to introduce an amendment to the the Financial Services and General Government […]