America’s Second Biggest Waste, War on Drugs

America’s number one waste is War and Occupation. America’s number two waste is War on Drugs.

Media loves scandal. Americans have a morbid fascination with the weaker side of human nature. America enacts laws, mandates and Constitutional Amendments to remind Americans what is right and what is wrong in civilized […]

H.R. 5843: Are Americans Responsible Adults, Try H.R. 5842

If Big Pharma can find a way to profit from these bills, they would pass in a heartbeat. Government Agencies from Federal down to your local Sheriff consider “Marijuana Busts” their bread and butter. Lotsa mileage from little effort. Yes, there is a LOT of money to be made while Marijuana stays illegal. […]

Texas Smokers Must Now Pay $1.41 Tax Per Pack

Cigarette/Tobacco Non-Retailer Permit Renewals Are Due It’s time to renew the Texas Cigarette, Cigar and/or Tobacco Products Taxes Non-Retailer Permit(s) for the period of March 1, 2008, through February 28, 2009. You should receive the renewal packet the week of November 26, 2007. Review and make any necessary corrections. Return all pages of […]