Last Resort – Retire Early While You Can

With the current state of US and world economy, the alternative to jumping out a window, committing a heinous crime or planting your pup tent under an overpass, is retire early and collect your meager social security check at general delivery. Yes, the post office still has General Delivery.

Have […]

Addicted to food? Global Weight Loss Solution Ahead

Global Food Crisis At A Store Near You, Lifestyles To Change Soon […]

John Edwards Challenges Bush On Poverty

Boy here’s a letter to president incompent that will surley fall on blind eyes and deaf ears.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Senator John Edwards today sent a letter to President Bush challenging the president to join him on a tour of places in America that are too often ignored and to talk […]

John Edwards’ Plan To Fight Poverty

During John Edwards poverty tour, he has put out his plan to fight poverty. While there maybe some aspects of his plan that some will complain about, Edwards is at least addressing the issue.

Many said they find it hypocritical that Edwards, a wealthy man, is peaking out for the poor. For those […]