Arizona Shooting, Political Discord and Americans Disrespect

American should be ashamed of what we have become, gun toting, hate mongering Neanderthals. This behavior didn’t start in the last election, this violent disrespect for each other started during the Clinton administration and has escalated. Yesterdays shooting in Arizona is the result of the divisive behavior, misguided political agendas […]

Bush, The Appeaser “delivers nothing but a lousy speech”

(CBS/AP) Egypt’s state-owned press opened fire Saturday on U.S. President George W. Bush as he arrived for talks with regional leaders at the conclusion of a five-day Mideast tour.

The newspapers, whose management are all appointed by the government, criticized Mr. Bush’s speech Thursday in front of the Israeli […]

Ahmadinejad Prepared For Strikes From US or Israel

“The Zionist regime … would not dare attack Iran,” Ahmadinejad told Al Jazeera television in remarks translated into Arabic, referring to Israel. “The Iranian response would make them regret it, and they know this.”

“It knows that any attack on Iranian territories would prompt a fierce response,” he added.

Israel tested a missile […]