Putin Mocks Rice And Gates Foreign Policy And Dismisses Bush Goals

Putin Publicly Rebukes Rice, Gates on Foreign Policy Goals

MOSCOW, Oct. 12 — Two of President Bush‘s most senior Cabinet members pitched an unusual new missile defense partnership Friday to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but they received a firm public rebuke as the Kremlin made clear it remains deeply skeptical of […]

Austrian Minister Against U.S. Missile Shield

Bush seems to be the only person who believes that putting a missile defense shield in Europe to protect against an attack from Iran is a good idea. Bush will continue with another flawed plan which will have long term negative impact. You have to give Bush credit for being consistent on flawed […]

Congress To Stop Missile Defense Plan

Finally, Bush will be stopped on his idiotic missiles plan for Poland. Bush in another one of his destructive ideas which not only threading peace in the region but has pushed Russian into a corner with the threat of another cold war.

Washington Post: Democrats in Congress are building a legislative roadblock to […]

Secret CIA Jails Hosted By Poland, Romania

Of course Bush and the gang will say this is pure BS. As we know every think that is true is a lie to Bush.

PARIS (Reuters) – A European investigator says he has proof Poland and Romania hosted secret CIA prisons under a post-9/11 pact to hunt down and interrogate “high value” […]

Bush: The Weapon of Mass Destruction

As Bush swaggers his way to the G8 Summit, he has managed in a few short days to escalate the hostility that’s growing between him and Putin. Bush espousing that Putin is destroying democracy. Excuse me but let’s not forget that Bush has destroyed freedom and democracy in America. Our civil liberties have […]

King George Has Armageddon Envy!

Fightin’ Words from Putin, Ahmadinejad

Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t showing any sign of softening up in his response to the U.S. government’s plans to install an anti-missile shield in Europe. Meanwhile, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dramatically announced that Israel’s days are numbered.

King George is determined to start COLD […]

Gonzales Pressured Ashcroft

This has to be among the lowest form of human behavior to come out of this administration. First let me say that I am not a fan now or in the past of John Ashcroft. Pressuring Ashcroft as he lay in intensive care is par for the course for the water […]

The Bush Missle Plan For Poland

Bush and his band of destructive thieves are at it again. They’re not happy that they’ve destroyed the U.S., Iraq and the worlds trust in us, now they are pushing Russian and other European countries to put up a missile defense shield in Poland. Reuters: “Washington wants to place 10 missile interceptors in […]