Mixed Signals Confuse US-Iran Confrontation – Dangerous

Food is everyone’s problem. Food availability and affordability is proportional to the fuel for transport. Rethinking and reconfiguring has been allocated to the last minute … so, we suffer. The world has wasted the opportunity to prepare for this storm. As individuals, we must do what we can to play catch up. Unfortunately, the infrastructure we operate in has restricted our ability to survive. […]

The Pentagon Propaganda Puppets

In a stunning 11 page article, David Barstow of the NYTimes exposes generals who were and still are the Pentagon’s propaganda puppets for the Iraq war and threats by Iran. These so called expert military analysts appeared on all the major networks, cable news and radio promoting a positive message for the Pentagon […]

Your Tax Dollars Purchased iPods, Internet Dating, Women’s Lingerie…

Most Americans are scrapping to get by, however, some federal employees are having tons of fun with government credit cards, spending our tax dollars. Money that was suppose to be spent on infrastructure, education and homeland security, government employees thought that buying womans’ lingerie, internet dating, computers and iPods was more important.

While […]

Pakistan: No Longer Under The Dictates Of Washington

Officials Fear Support From Islamabad Will Wane

The United States has escalated its unilateral strikes against al-Qaeda members and fighters operating in Pakistan’s tribal areas, partly because of anxieties that Pakistan’s new leaders will insist on scaling back military operations in that country, according to U.S. officials.

Washington is […]

Lloyd Doggett Questions Pentagon on Afghanistan Shortages

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) questions Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England on recent reports – raised by Senator Obama in the Austin presidential debate – about shortages in Afghanistan.

The exchange covered consistent comments from troops on the ground about shortages of troops and equipments, comments from Adm. William Fallon, commander of U.S. […]

Army Chief of Staff General Casey Backs Up Obama’s Statement

h/t Huffington Post

After the Pentagon denied Barack Obama’s account of military shortages in Afghanistan, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey said, “I have no reason to doubt” the Senator.

During last week’s Texas Democratic debate Senator Obama said:

“You know, I’ve heard from an Army captain who was the head of […]

Another Bush Lie; Pentagon Not Prepared To Respond To Attacks Within U.S.

The never ending failures and lies of George Bush after all this time, and listening to all the crap about how safe we are, turns out to be yet another lie. What a freaking shock that BushCo and the GOP would have us believe that we are safe and can protect […]

$1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

No more money for Iraq! PERIOD! No more money for the Pentagon! No more money for the contractors! No more money for Bush! No More Money for anyone!

We have given money hand over fist with disastrous results and zero accountability. And, as tax payers we have received nothing but continued lies and […]

Bush And His Blackwater Ties

Blackwater’s ties to Bush and the administration will allow them to keep getting lucrative contracts and probable allow them to stay in Iraq. There is a revolving door between the Bush administration, the CIA, the Pentagon and Blackwater, this relationship has allowed for employment on a continual basis for all parties. The corruption […]

Blackwater Gets New 92 Million Dollar Contract

Can anyone please explain why the Department of Defense has just given Blackwater another contract, 92 million dollars to be exact? This time the gang of thieves and murderers will be flying Department of Defense passenger and cargo around Central Asia.

This government is entirely screwed up on how we do business with […]