Lobbyists;The Sharks Circle The Stimulus Package

It didn’t take long for lobbyist to smell their next meal. Pushing for their clients needs seems to be of greater importance than pushing for the needs of Americans, especially the middle class. Lobbyists see this as an opportunity for their corporate clients to get more tax breaks, rollbacks and special treatment.

Most […]

Bush-Pelosi deal – Stimulates The Senate And IRS

Washington Post Op Ed

It will take some heroics by the Internal Revenue Service to get any tax rebate checks out by June — assuming a bill passes the Senate soon. Several Senate Democrats have said they plan to tinker with the Bush-Pelosi deal, trying to add not only unemployment […]

Pelosi Caves On Stimulus Package

True to form Nancy Pelosi in her lack of leadership and zero representation of the American people has again caved into Bush. Not a shock, Pelosi seems to be the leader of the GOP and not the Democratic Party.

In a tentative deal on the economic stimulus package Pelsoi agreed to drop […]

Congress Gives Itself Another Pay Raise

I really think that employees in this country need to start a new trend for job performance and raises. Do a poor job, ignore your boss (us) and then give yourself a raise. Amazing our spines Congress can only seem to do two things well, go on vacation and give themselves another raise. […]

$1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

No more money for Iraq! PERIOD! No more money for the Pentagon! No more money for the contractors! No more money for Bush! No More Money for anyone!

We have given money hand over fist with disastrous results and zero accountability. And, as tax payers we have received nothing but continued lies and […]

House Pass Iraq Funding And Withdrawal Bill

It’s infuriating that the House was unable to get the votes needed to make this bill veto proof. It appears that there were fifteen democrats including Pete Stark of all people, who voted against the bill. What the heck is up with that?

The Democrats managed to get four Republicans to change […]

Pelosi And Congress Are Making Progress

We’ve all been so preoccupied with getting the troops home and wanting Bush and Cheney impeached, we seem to have overlooked what Pelosi and the democrats in Congress have accomplished. They obviously have accomplished their campaign pledge.

I find it interesting that when the GOP was in the majority, the two bills they […]

Nancy Pelosi Should Be On The Impeachment Table

It only seems fitting that since Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not put impeachment on the table; we Americans should consider putting impeachment of Nancy Pelosi on the table. Pelosi has not lived up to Constitutional oath or duties and she continues to enable the treasonous behavior of the Bush administration. We could just […]

Pelosi And Emanuel Speak Out On Petreaus Report

Bush could actually give a crap what Pelosi and Emanuel have to say. Bush will spin the September report which will include more lies about progress. Bush will continue with his failed war and failed foreign policy.Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“The question for September is: ‘Why should our troops risk their lives […]

Domestic Use of Spy Satellites

Major cities are installing surveillance cameras and people are jumping up and down about big brother. Well guess what, Bush gave the police as an early Christmas gift; permission to use spy satellites on Americans. Anyone who thinks Bush is not trying to completely destroy our freedoms is just as crazy as he […]