OpEd: MSM Keeps Voters Mesmerized By Personalities Not Competence

The US news media has focused on the Hype and Circumstance of political celebrities and weather crisis to the tune of keeping America distracted. Personality wars mean ratings. Ratings mean advertising. AND advertising means money … that’s what its all about. So, American voters are still saturated with fluff and nonsense …


Food & Oil Shortage, Politics & Religion Guilty – Op Ed

Soaring gas prices, food shortages, earth quakes, cyclones, floods, fires, war on terror, global warming…. human toll mounting … They trash the planet and wait for GOD to reward them by relocating them into a heaven, fresh and clean, for them to trash all over again. […]

Clinton Delegate Flips To John McCain And Misquotes Susan B. Anthony

Let me start this out by saying that I had publicly supported Edwards and I was disappointed when he dropped out. So it’s not shocking to me that some Hillary Clinton supporters are still angry, nor is it shocking that not all of them are on board with supporting Obama. What is shocking, […]

Planet of Cannibals – State of the World Op-Ed



After watching the PBS/National Geographic Documentary: Strange Days on Planet Earth

I tried to remember what kind of educational preparation I received ages ago. I was taught to memorize boring charts about how US Government was arranged. Whitewashed snippets about American History and how […]

The MSM Again Showed That They Know Nothing

Once again the MSM proved to us that they know nothing about what goes on in American. The pundits completely had Hillary Clinton’s funeral planned and were espousing her eulogy and the voters smack them down. They misread Iowa, they misread New Hampshire and I’m sure they will get it all wrong in […]

American Voters Are The Guilty Parties – OpEd

Inspector General Says IRS Wasted $3.5 Million

The Internal Revenue Service paid a contractor $188,000 to provide one person to do clerical work over 11 months.

The contract was one example of financial waste contained in a government report on the tax agency’s involvement in a program ordered by President Bush […]

Mitt Romney’s Faith In America Speech

As I watched Romney give his speech, I couldn’t help but think how shallow we are. We have not evolved since JFK gave his speech? We should be ashamed of ourselves to force a candidate into justifying what he or she believes in or doesn’t believe in. I find it insulting that someone […]

The Media Ignores Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul … OpEd

Is their message too logical? Does the idea of busting the K Street gangsters scare corporations? These two are images of Elliot Ness stalking the gangsters. Focused, unwavering and serious about what they are about. They are about the Constitution and human dignity. They are about equitable treatment of individuals and countries. They […]

Clinton And Her Gender Card Distraction

In the days since the democrat debate, we have all been overwhelmed with Hillary Clinton is being ganged up on. Personally, I am tired of the two edged sword for Hillary by her campaign and her supporters. Clinton who wants to continually tell us that she is strong and can handle everything that […]

Florida Democrats In Bed With The GOP

I decided to do a follow up on the recent Florida screw up of loosing their delegates and their sleeper convention this past weekend. While I was doing some research, I got distracted going down rabbit holes trying to find out about the Florida Democratic Party Chair, Karen Thurman. I was stunned to […]