Cheney Stalks Middle East One More Time

Saudi king rejects Cheney’s belligerency

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah in a meeting with visiting US Vice President Dick Cheney has rejected any US military strike against Iran.

The Saudis say any nuclear non-proliferation efforts should include Israel, which is widely believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East with around […]

Hillary Clinton, NIE And Iranian Revolutionary Guard

The recent NIE report on Iran can’t sit well with Hillary Clinton. In September, Clinton signed the Liberman-Kyl Amendment calling Iran‘s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group which fueled Bush and Cheney’s war drums. Clinton probably signed the bill to build her hawkish stance for the general election; however, it appears that her judgment […]

NIE Made Public In Spite Of Cheney’s Efforts

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (IPS) – A National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran has been held up for more than a year in an effort to force the intelligence community to remove dissenting judgments on the Iranian nuclear programme, and thus make the document more supportive of U.S. Vice President Dick […]

Iran Stopped Nuclear Weapons In 2003

In a recent National Intelligence Estimate report on Iran‘s nuclear weapons, it appears that Bush and Cheney’s drum just skipped a beat. This may come as a shock to you but Bush and Cheney are wrong about Iran having the capability to enrich uranium and building a nuclear weapon. Iran stopped all nuclear […]