Clinton’s Emotional Moment Questioner Voted For Obama

I actually can not believe that I had to read this story at the Guardian Unlimited about the woman who asked Hillary Clinton the tearful question. Obviously the Brits had the sense to send a reporter out to find out who this woman was.

Obviously the U.S. media would rather sit on […]

The MSM Again Showed That They Know Nothing

Once again the MSM proved to us that they know nothing about what goes on in American. The pundits completely had Hillary Clinton’s funeral planned and were espousing her eulogy and the voters smack them down. They misread Iowa, they misread New Hampshire and I’m sure they will get it all wrong in […]

Clinton Machine Point Fingers At Eachother

You know I don’t feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. No I’m not popping the Champaign cork, it’s too soon and that would be mean. I’ll wait until Super Tuesday. Clinton, her advisers, the MSM, pundits and the elite on both coasts called Clinton the nominee before all the candidates announced that they were […]

Republicans and Democrats Really Debate In New Hampshire

All the candidates on All the issues

Republican presidential primary: , , , , , Democratic presidential primary: , , ,

The New Hampshire Republican debate, on ABC, was a sleeper. The only fun was when McCain and Romney took the gloves off about immigration … the best […]

Fred Thompson; The Lazy Boy Candidate

Fred Thompson is missing in action this weekend in New Hampshire. What’s up with this guy? He cancels last Thursday for a Friday morning breakfast with a New Hampshire mayor and guests because of scheduling conflicts. This scheduling conflict must be huge since it canceled his entire weekend trip to N.H.

I looked […]

Romney Falling Behind In New Hampshire

It appears that Mitt Romney’s new slogan that he is a change from Washington is not exactly what the GOP wants. Polls show that Romney’s once commanding lead in New Hampshire is falling.

Mitt Romney’s lead in New Hampshire has evaporated, according to a CNN/WMUR poll released Wednesday. Among likely Republican primary voters, […]