Retire to Dallas but beware your neighbors

Preston Hollow Dallas TX Becomes President and Laura Bush New Home

Dallas House

According to news reports, President George W. Bush and wife Laura will make their home in Preston Hollow in Dallas TX. What used to be referred to as the “Countdown to Crawford” has become the “Countdown to Preston […]

Could Tim Russert Be A Victim Of Big Pharma/FDA Scam

Medicare: Thousands of Medicare Providers Abuse the Federal Tax System F.D.A. Issues Strictest Warning on Diabetes Drugs

As America ages, the GREED factor related to Health Care grows exponentially. Services provided are watered down and cost is inflated to squeeze every penny out of the US Taxpayer. Health Care is no longer […]

Israel Rehearses Bush Plans For Armageddon – UPDATE

Strike on Iran could turn Mideast into fireball, official says U.N. nuclear watchdog chief warns of dangers of military strike on Iran Attack may lead Iran to a more-aggressive nuclear stance, he says Iran official reportedly criticized the Israeli exercises Comments follow Israeli military maneuvers in early June U.S.: Israeli air exercise […]

Clinton Delegate Flips To John McCain And Misquotes Susan B. Anthony

Let me start this out by saying that I had publicly supported Edwards and I was disappointed when he dropped out. So it’s not shocking to me that some Hillary Clinton supporters are still angry, nor is it shocking that not all of them are on board with supporting Obama. What is shocking, […]

Disconnected Bush Extorts Congress One Last Time

Eight years of distortion and extortion have changed the world. The lessons have been tragic and harsh. The final acts of President Bush will determine how hard it will be for the world to recover from all the bad parts of this fairy tale. […]

Mitt Romney’s Faith In America Speech

As I watched Romney give his speech, I couldn’t help but think how shallow we are. We have not evolved since JFK gave his speech? We should be ashamed of ourselves to force a candidate into justifying what he or she believes in or doesn’t believe in. I find it insulting that someone […]

Press Responds to Bush Speech

Below are excerpts from newspapers around the country to the Bush BS success in Iraq. Finally the MSM is calling Bush in his lies.

David S. Cloud, The New York Times:

It is the second time in 10 months that Mr. Bush has opted for higher troop levels in Iraq than are favored […]

Bush And The Lame Duck Congress

Over the past few years, Americans have come to realize that Bush lies, spins information and ignores valuable information to promote his own agenda. Of course here in Texas, we were very familiar with his ability to lie. With that said why does anyone pay attention or give any credit to what Bush […]

Provisions of Patriot Act Unconstitutional

Finally a judge has ruled on what many Americans have known for some time, that the FBI’s national security letters are a violation of the Constitution.

A federal judge today struck down portions of the USA Patriot Act as unconstitutional, ordering the FBI to stop issuing “national security letters” that secretly demand customer […]

Big Surprise; Military Cherry Picks Information

As this administration and the military leaders become completely covered in their mounting lies and BS, I constantly hear this little voice in my head. It’s the voice of Gomer Pyle, repeating in his annoying tone “surprise, surprise, surprise.” Of course it’s with much sarcasm when I hear this.

The closer we get […]