Keith Olbermann Suspended

Unbelievable! In a bone head move, MSNBC president Phil Griffin suspended Keith for three political contributions. Are you freaking kidding me. What a gift Griffin has given the FOX mindless wonders.Obviously Griffin is the water boy for NBC’s parent company GE. WHo by the way did not object when Scarborough gave to republican […]

Answer That Question Republicans!

Listening to these Sunday morning political talk shows until I want to PUKE! Republicans want to “balance the budget”. They refuse to answer the questions about slashing Social Security, Medicare, and Health Care and UNEMPLOYMENT! They package all of these programs as “ENTITLEMENTS”. They want EVERYBODY to be responsible. Boy, that sounds good. […]

Tim Russert Dead at 58

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NBC Out Of Control With Kucinich Appeal

In the never ending quest for the MSM to control presidential elections, NBC is now appealing a judges ruling which allows Dennis Kucinich to participate in tonight’s Nevada debate. NBC/MSNBC’s behavior in this election is completely out of control, they should be more concerned with their overpaid talking heads burring candidates and naming […]

The MSM Again Showed That They Know Nothing

Once again the MSM proved to us that they know nothing about what goes on in American. The pundits completely had Hillary Clinton’s funeral planned and were espousing her eulogy and the voters smack them down. They misread Iowa, they misread New Hampshire and I’m sure they will get it all wrong in […]

Democrat Debate Review

Well another debate where the moderators focusing their attention on Hillary, the elephant in the room. I appeared to me that Tim Russert was so focused on Clinton that he forgot to bring enough questions for everyone else. For all the anticipation and hype about Obama being more aggressive with Clinton, he seemed […]