Vote, The Future Depends On It….Just Ask Olivia

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Clinton Blames Democratic Activist

Please someone stop me from bitch slapping Hillary Clinton. As we have seen for seven years, Bush never takes responsibility for anything and everything is someone else’s fault. Well, I guess Hillary is George’s sister lost at birth. Hillary is now targeting Democratic Activist for her poor showing and stating they intimidated her […]

Superdelegates….Let The Voters Decide

Please take a minute to sign the petition from to make super delegates let the voters decide.

Let the voters decide

You’ve probably heard about the “superdelegates” who could end up deciding the Democratic nominee.

The superdelegates are under lots of pressure right now to come out for one candidate […]

John Cornyn Needs To Move On

I guess Texas Senator John Cornyn can’t find legislation to write that will benefit Americans or his Texas constituents. Cornyn has proposed a four page amendment (2934) to H.R. 1585. The purpose of Amendment 2934 ; “To strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all the members […]