Take Back the Media, Restore the Fairness Doctrine

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ was trashed! The right wing GOP sold ‘de-regulation’ with a lie. The ‘Fairness Doctrine’, they said, violated First Amendment free speech. In retrospect, the attack on a free media was based upon a panoply of right wing lies. What is free, who is free […]

RNC Controls Delegates Words And Thoughts At Convention

In the Orwellian world of the RNC, Alaska delegates where told how to respond to the media asking questions about Palin. The RNC held daily briefings with surrogates and gave delegates talking points.

We are to believe that McCain and Palin will shake up Washington. We are to believe that McCain and Palin […]

The Media – Nasty Controversy Improves Ratings

Brash, rude and plain insulting; New Yorkers know nasty sells Nasty, brutish and short Clear Your System of Nasty Media Toxins (No Colonics Required!) Comment all you like, but not if you’re an abusive jerk Jerome Corsi: How a Racist, Conspiratorial Crank Became a Top GOP Anti-Obama Point Man The Klan-ternet: Right […]

Fallujah Prepares For Yet Another Attack

You have to wonder why the U.S. media is not covering the next attack on Fallujah. The foreign press is covering it, the remaining residents are aware of the upcoming U.S. assault, hell, even the police and Iraqi military in Fallujah are aware of it. So again, why is the U.S. media ignoring […]

Tim Russert Dead at 58

Medium: www.youtube.com Link: www.youtube.com

The Pentagon Propaganda Puppets

In a stunning 11 page article, David Barstow of the NYTimes exposes generals who were and still are the Pentagon’s propaganda puppets for the Iraq war and threats by Iran. These so called expert military analysts appeared on all the major networks, cable news and radio promoting a positive message for the Pentagon […]

Fool Me Once, Mr Bush, We Don’t Buy Your New Iran Claims

Iran regime Top Threat To Iraq, U.S. Says

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Recent violence in Basra has convinced the administration of President George W. Bush that Iran and not Al-Qaeda is now the primary threat to US interests in Iraq, The Washington Post said Saturday.

Citing unnamed senior US officials, the newspaper said […]

Air America anchor, Randi Rhodes suspended

Air America anchor suspended over Hillary whore comments Air America Radio’s afternoon host Randi Rhodes has been suspended for her abusive remarks against Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during an off-the-air public event in San Francisco.

Washington, Apr. 4: Air America Radio’s afternoon host Randi Rhodes has been suspended for her […]

Someone Else’s Fault

It’s always someone else’s fault. Sound familiar? It should. Pointing fingers and making false statements have been the American way of life for the past 7 plus years. And now, enter the Clinton campaign. Supporters and staff blame everyone under the sun for Clinton’s losses. Maybe the campaign should take some responsibility and […]

Manipulated Media Is Great For Bloggers



NY Times Holds Stories Because They’re Afraid of Conservatives

Now the New York Times has gotten itself in the same old pickle they always do — they are going to be criticized by Republicans when in fact they were trying to be extra fair to Republicans. […]