California Legalizes Gay Marriage

Its’ about freaking time that gay couples are allowed to marry. It’s unfortunate that religious groups and activist groups plan on fighting the decision. And of course John Cornyn (R.Texas) believes that there needs to be a national ban on gay marriages.

First a word from the out of touch:


Human Rights Democratic Candidate Forum – GLBT

BossKitty commented as the candidates sp0ke. See the BLOG.

BossKitty says:


11:01 on 08/09

No, Hillary, you are NOT my girl, yet. You have the experience and the machine to achieve everything GLBT need, but you sound scripted. When the field narrows and you are in the top 2 […]

What More Injustice Can We Do To Our Soldiers?

Wife of Missing Soldier Faces Deportation

AP Posted: 2007-06-21 03:18:53

BOSTON (June 21) – The wife of a U.S. soldier missing in Iraq could face deportation , her lawyer told a television station. Authorities became aware of Yaderlin Jimenez’s illegal status after her husband requested a green card for […]

Texas House Passes Marriage Legislation

In an unbelievable move to control people’s personal lives, the Texas House has passed marriage legislation. The bill requires couples to have mandatory premarital counseling before they can wed. Certified counselors would teach the eight hour class. According to Republican Rep. Warren Chisum “This is not counseling. This is education,” Chisum said. He […]