Clinton’s Gaffes…..Iraq War and Medical Neglect

Misleading, misstating or just flat out lying, seem to be a weekly event for Hillary Clinton. I really wasn’t going to post on any of Hillary’s recent tales but after two major lies; the Iraq War and a medical insurance story, I just couldn’t let them go by.

Before I go any further, […]

Hillary: Another Lie…The Family And Medical Leave Act

Lies, lies and yet another lie. How many more lies can Hillary Clinton tell before the convention? Apparently a lot. Hillary has lied about her Bosnia trip, failed the commander in chief test , and lied about NAFTA. Obviously Clinton and her overpaid team, overlooked the internet with information on just about everything […]

Hillary Clinton’s Fantastic Bosnian Tale

This week, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the George Washington University, in her opening remarks, Clinton stated the following about her trip to Bosina, while she was first lady;

Good morning. I want to thank Secretary West for his years of service, not only as Secretary of the Army, but also to […]

Guilty Texan Oscar Wyatt Jr. Among Oil For Food Scammers

Oscar Wyatt Jr., 83, founder and former chairman of Coastal Corp. enters Manhattan federal court in the second week of his trial in this October file photo. LOUIS LANZANO: AP

Texas Oilman Handed Year Prison Term

NEW YORK (AP) — Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. was sentenced to a year in prison […]

Historical Revisionism – United States Genocide vs Ottomans

Why does the US think that disrespecting Turkey’s historical image related to the Ottoman/Armenian era, then ordering it to lay off the Kurds, is acceptable? Turkey’s military chief has said US-Turkish ties will never be the same again if US lawmakers brand the Ottoman Empire’s massacre of Armenians a genocide

Just A Sample Of Texas Profiteering Crooks In Action

WACO, Texas — Former Waco Humane Society animal shelter director was sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail and five years’ probation for improperly using an agency credit card for personal expenses.

HOUSTON — Texas Southern University‘s former president betrayed the trust of students, officials and the […]

Had Enough Of Swaggering Texas Profiteering Pirates

Oscar Wyatt: confessed last week that he kicked money back to Saddam Hussein in return for buying the former Iraqi dictator’s oil. Despicably, Mr. Wyatt did it through a United Nations program that was supposed to let Iraq sell its oil and invest the proceeds in food programs for its many hungry kids. […]

Blackwater – You Can Ask But They Can’t Tell

State Dept. Intercedes in Blackwater Probe A House panel reveals a letter telling the firm not to disclose information about its Iraq operations without the administration’s OK.

WASHINGTON — The State Department has interceded in a congressional investigation of Blackwater USA , the private security firm accused of killing Iraqi civilians last […]

2003 Bush Conversation with Spain on Iraq Invasion

For all of us thinking people who know Bush lies about everything, the Spanish newspaper El Pais , has published the transcripts of a private conversation between Bush and and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar on February 22, 2003, concerning the coming U.S. invasion of Iraq. The conversation took place on the […]

The Petraeus Personal Agenda: To Be President

Bush and Petraeus are two peas in a pod. They both have their own agenda and I know it doesn’t include the American public. We all know that Bush is more concerned with his legacy than the lives of Americans and Iraqis. Bush will continue to lie about his war in Iraq, he […]