Global Climate Change Conference in Bali – All About Tariffs

Bush opposition to clean technology tariffs at the Bali Climate Change Talks, means America will NOT go along with climate proposals or be accountable to the world … its all about trade tariffs. Any excuse to boycott the Kyoto Treaty.

`There is no […]

Father and Daughter, Craig Family Makes Mark In Idaho

The crimes are not related, maybe. Both surround personal issues. Sexuality and Divorce. Larry certainly believes he is above the law and not accountable for his actions. Shae Howell believes it is her right to break into her ex-husband’s house and trash it. Trash the law … is this a Republican thing? Vandalism […]

GOP Leadership Rush To Judgment On Craig

There is one issue with the Larry Craig story that I fail to understand, why some in the GOP and some Craig supports are using the term “rush to judgment.” Of course it doesn’t help that the MSM can’t do their job correctly and only give sound bites of information instead of the […]

Craig Reconsiders Decision To Resign

Denial and delusion seem to be a republican sickness. It seems that Craig won’t go. This move will have the GOP leadership spitting fire. Getting rid of Craig was the GOP’s way of hoping to hold his seat in the next election. I guess another poor decision from Craig was to be expected.


GOP Senate Leaders Force Craig From Committee Posts

Finally, the GOP takes swift action on one of their own.

Senate Republican leaders forced embattled Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) from senior posts on three committees and subcommittees today, taking a dramatic step to distance themselves from the lawmaker in the wake of his guilty plea for disorderly conduct in an airport men’s […]

Larry Craig’s Gift To Democrate Larry LaRocco

I am all for exposing hypocrisy no matter what the party affiliation is, but I’ve got to say that the GOP has the market cornered on this one. As the GOP runs away from Craig, they have stripped him of his committee seats. It’s time for Larry Craig to go.

With the recent […]

Sen.Larry Craig Statement Is BS And He Faces Ethics Issues

At a press conference this afternoon Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) gave his reason for pleading guilty to lewd conduct. He states he over reacted when he plead guilty but he is innocent. Also he states that he was being harassed for eight months by the Idaho Statemans on the issue of being gay. […]

Republican Senator Larry Craig Arrested For…Guess What?

It appears that the GOP can’t keep their pants up, zipped or on. Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June for lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom.

Craig joins the long list of GOP hypocrites:

* Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006) * Voted NO on […]